Why Coding IT Boot camps are the best new way for you to become an IT professional

As the world is evolving, so are the ways people study. Nowadays, a lot of renowned companies do not require college degrees. Nevertheless, they still need to hire top talents, especially those who are highly proficient in IT technologies. But how can you become, let say, a data scientist without toiling several years at a university? The answer is quite simple. You can sign up for an IT boot camp.

IT boot camp or coding boot camp is a comparatively new way of learning. It is an immersive course that is aimed at acquiring only first-hand knowledge and practical experience in a tech-related field within a relatively short period.

Here are some reasons why such a way of studying is much more effective than conventional education.

1. You get only relevant knowledge and skills for a shorter period

The technological progress is fast, but conventional education lacks behind. Technology is continuously evolving exponentially year by year. We can easily see a dramatic change in every five years. And any other significant change in 1.5-2 years.

The problem with traditional education is that almost every country teaches its students for five years on average. That is why it is becoming quite problematic for universities to keep up with technological progress. The limited knowledge of everything students gain during their studying at a university is not up-to-date and is hardly applicable to the modern world and professions. Thus, people will not have any competitive advantages to get a tech job.

This is when IT coding boot camps come as a perfect addition to conventional education:

  • IT boot camps provide only relevant information which is required to land a tech job;
  • Programming education is taught at a professional level focusing on each student;
  • The education process at IT coding boot camps lasts from several weeks up to six months or a year, which is much shorter than of university education;
  • Students acquire only hands-on experience and first-hand skills;
  • IT coding boot camp teachers have a solid understanding of what they are teaching their students. As a rule, they have not only the right technical skillset, but also, they are highly aware of what specialists’ markets need at the moment.

2. You save a lot of money attending an IT boot camp

IT coding boot camps are much cheaper than university education. Even though you may find coding boot camps quite expensive as their pricing varies from $1000 and higher, it still is much more cost-saving than traditional education. That’s why signing up for an IT boot camp course can be a valuable investment in your future career.

3. IT boot camps give you a perfect opportunity to try your hand in a new sphere

If you have spent your all life doing one thing, but now you want to learn something new and tech-related. IT coding boot camps help you gain knowledge and skills in a short time giving you an excellent chance to see if you really want to work in another field.

IT boot camps in Kyiv

Whether you are a student who wants to deepen his or her knowledge of a subject or a person who has decided to switch the career path and now is searching for a new job. You can easily find an IT boot camp in Kyiv that will cover your needs.

If you’ve been dreaming of finding such a job as a data scientist, it won’t be a challenge for you to find the right Data Science boot camp either — you can apply for DEVrepublik Data Science boot camp in Kyiv. You will reap all the benefits listed in this article and gain all the necessary skills and knowledge required to become a proficient data scientist.

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