Daria Yurko

Data Science Bootcamp

” well-organized courses for those who want to Quickly Master Data Science 💡 “


Olga Chizhevskaya

Data Science Bootcamp

” New team, flexible educational solutions. If you want to plunge into data science with your head – you are here. “


Galina Dovgy

Data Science Bootcamp

” In addition to the vast amount of data Science theory and practice, you also get the opportunity to be in a positive and motivating environment where you want to return again and again. The center’s team is very interested in the development of its students, for which we thank you very much. Special thanks to the teachers, all very cool! “


Antonina Samusenko

Data Science Bootcamp

” For those who want to master data science and machine learning, I definitely recommend DEVrepublik.This is a school with a modern and effective approach to learning ( in recent years of my path of retraining in it, this is not the first school, so I know what I’m saying) . The bootcamp system will definitely not let you relax.All teachers are fans of their craft, have a wealth of practical experience, and perfectly combine practice with theory.  Separately, I would like to mention the organization of training. Everything is at a very high level, the atmosphere at the school is family-friendly and positive. I was also very lucky with the group, everyone reached the finish line ! You’re all great scientists 🙂 “


Dmitry Gubenko

Data Science Bootcamp

” I took the course in the winter, I liked everything, teachers found an approach to everyone on the course, and then helped with employment) “


Karina Altova

Machine Learning Course

“ Thank you very much for such a good Machine Learning course) I really liked the classes, there were a lot of analyzed topics and a lot of practice, which helped to understand the material, I want to say a separate thank you for the selection of teachers, Nikolai explains well, helps to master the subtleties of writing code in special cases) it was comfortable to study with him) after receiving the certificate, I found a new job – data scientist, after all, I have long planned to change my specialization and engage in such an interesting activity, and with the help of your courses, this accelerated the process of immersion in the environment!)Thank you for helping me with finding a company for employment!in general, if you put a rating, then absolutely 10/10 everything is cool, well done!) ”


Olexander Saliy

Soft Skills in IT Course

“ Completed the soft Skills in it course. Thank you to DEVrepublik and Tetyana Tymchuk for an interesting and useful course. The soft Skills course will be useful both for people with experience and for those who are taking the first steps in building a career. ”


Daria Konakova

Data Science Bootcamp

“ Completed a course in Data Science. Thanks to teachers Ruslan and Nastya for a large amount of very necessary information in short periods, as well as for a very clear explanation:). ”


Andrii Bezkrovnyy

Automation QA Course

“ Completed the Automation QA course. Many thanks to DEVrepublik and Denis Pavlyuk for organizing and conducting this course. The theoretical part of the course was closely linked to practice, which helps you learn AQA better. Denis helps you understand even testing and automation issues that are not included in this course.Thank you for your training!!! ”


Vlad Lena

Automation QA Course

“ I just finished the Automation QA course, I already had experience, but this course showed the full picture, it helped a lot, thank you very much to the teacher Denis Pavlyuk!The program is complete, we have passed everything that a tester needs on the course if you look from a financial point of view – then the price is gorgeous, at the time of writing a comment – in my country, only 1 Course in JS AQA and it is about 3 times more expensive, and the program is about the same with Devrepublik thank you again for your training! ”