Soft Skill in IT
    16 hours / 8 workshops
    Mon, Wed, Fri 19:00-21:00
    12 April
    8000 UAH

    Soft Skill in IT

    In conditions of increased competition, the possession of software skills (personal competencies) often becomes crucial in the selection of specialists. It turns out that the employer needs them to predict the results of the employee’s work with greater accuracy. Because they rarely depend only on hard skills. The point is that in addition to special knowledge, the main advantages of the interview are the skills of effective communication, teamwork, working with clients, time management, the ability to work in a changing environment, conflict solving, work in stressful conditions, etc.

    This course is designed to analyze the key soft skills needed for IT professionals and to understand what is needed for their development. Since we are talking about soft skills, not hard skills, learning to use them is not an easy task. You need to understand where to start and to be ready to spend time and make effort. We can’t influence your time and efforts, but we will be happy to help you find your way.

    The course includes additional individual consultations with the coach. And later on, if necessary, you will be able to determine your strengths and the skills you need to work on in an individual format.

    First flexible course – we will update the program according to your needs!

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    Curriculum Overview

    In order not to overheat you, the course program will consist of only 8 webinars, lasting 2 hours each

    • How not to take on more tasks than you can and not perform for others?
    • How to influence without pressure and aggression? How to understand that you are being used?
    • How to solve conflicts with colleagues?
    • How to manage your motivation and prevent burnout?
    • How to communicate effectively with colleagues and customers?
    • How to learn to study? What is there behind the development of skills?
    • How to speak up so that you can be heard and understood
    • How to write letters/messages to be understood?
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    TOP skill you will learn:
    • Customer interaction tools
    • Peculiarities of teamwork,
    • Ways to express your opinion,
    • Conflict solving tools
    • Features of forming and managing motivation,
    • Causes of burnout and how to prevent it,
    • Key aspects of time management,
    • Correspondence lifehacks (in e-mails and messengers).
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    This is exactly for you, if you
    • Want to go to a new level,
    • Want to change employer or project,
    • Want to interact effectively in a team (tired of conflicts with the team)
    • Want to get rid of frightening thoughts about communication with the client,
    • Do not want to work under heavy load,
    • Feel that you are running out of power,
    • Want to learn to express yourself effectively,
    • Are stuck in one position and want change.
    Учебный план картинка