42 hours


Tue, Thu, Sat


1 December


8000 UAH

Project Management

Even in the field of technology, the ability to adjust processes and interact with people is of great importance. This is one of the key skills of any manager. And it is very important to understand how to combine these skills so that they lead to the successful completion of any of your projects.


This course will consider the main stages of project management, from its launch to completion, will analyze the main cases in team management and identify common and different characteristics in the main methodologies of project management.

Curriculum Overview

Hard Skills

  • Project launch
  • Project evaluation
  • Performance control
  • Closing the project

Soft Skills

  • Work with a team
  • Work with the customer
  • Basics of negotiations

Project Management Methodologies

  •  WaterFall,
  • Scrum,
  • Kanban,
  • Lean

TOP skill you will learn:

  • writing the right documentation for the customer and the team
  • setting tasks for the team
  • evaluation of tasks and projects
  • choice of methodology
  • ability to manage the team
  • ability to resolve conflicts
  • negotiating with colleagues, customers, and management

This is exactly for you

  • if you want to become a Project Manager and are trying to understand the basics of management;
  • if you want to manage people, but do not understand how to properly build all their work;
  • if you already manage projects but have some difficulty interacting with people.