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DEVrepublik is a learning center that offers an alternative to standard education in IT.

Online IT courses: we stand for progressive teaching methods

Knowledge in the IT field can be applied in many areas of activity. Today, IT services are in demand in business, banking, e-commerce, manufacturing, communications, tourism, engineering and aerospace. There is not a single modern area where the professional services of a programmer, scientist, network administrator would not be required. Studying at DEVrepublik is an opportunity to choose the most interesting and promising IT direction and get the most complete practical knowledge in it. The IT sphere is rich in offers – we have selected the most relevant for you, taking into account the needs of the modern business world.

We run courses that help you succeed

By the end of any of the chosen courses, our students receive a corresponding certificate, which will indicate the detailed information about knowledge gained, the number of hours of study and the points received at the final testing. IT specialists – graduates of online and full-time IT courses DEVrepublik find work in all regions of Ukraine and outside the country. Choose a comfortable learning format – online education can be obtained regardless of where you live and what your work schedule is. You can sign up for courses by phone, through the form on the website or by sending us an e-mail.

we choose relevant skills

Data Science Bootcamp – This online course is designed for IT professionals who prefer a comprehensive education. The program includes 3 courses – Python and SQL, Math & Statistics and Machine Learning, which can be completed online. You should not waste time on what you already know – improve and deepen your knowledge, gaining new practical experience.

The Data Science for managers online course will help project managers and managers working in teams with Data Science professionals to understand what their team is talking about and doing. Passing a short course training will allow you to coordinate the work of employees as efficiently as possible, analyze, visualize data, increasing work productivity.

Ukraine is more and more immersed in IT opportunities and includes them in all branches of activity. The Automation QA Course is about automated testing and cost reduction, business optimization and improving the quality of work. 45 hours of online training and all the relevant tools for working in QA are in your arsenal.