Machine Learning and Data Science for Business needs – online webinar

    2 hours


    Every 3 weeks


    24 June 19:00



     Machine Learning and Data Science for Business needs – online webinar

    Artificial intelligence and machine learning have the power to transform entire industries. Companies in consumer-facing industries like banking, healthcare, and e-commerce that arent using these new tools and advances today run the real risk of failure as we gear towards an automated future.

    We will talk about the importance of todays companies adopting ML and data science and how they can do it. Using specific real-world use cases, Ivan will detail his process for casting business problems as machine learning problems—from identifying which business problem to solve to hypothesis generation, to AB testing. Hell explain how to transform, segment, and measure variables to obtain meaningful data unique to each company, and share examples of how businesses hes worked with have implemented these technologies to analyze specific areas of their business and resolve their toughest problems.


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    Who is this webinar for
    • System analysts;
    • Business analysts;
    • Product managers;
    • Marketing managers;
    • Departmental managers;
    • Entrepreneurs and company owners;
    • Data Science beginners
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    After attending the lecture, the participants will:
    • Learn how to Identify issues that can be solved using DS;
    • Have the overview of Data Science tools;
    • Learn how to organise and grow a data science team at your company.
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    Ivan Luchko

    Ivan Luchko is a Data Science team lead at Boosta and is one of the lead instructors at DEVrepublik. Has a diverse experience in business process automation, advanced analytics, mathematical modelling, optimization and machine learning. Recent projects are related to dynamic price optimization and recommendation system in e-commerce. Ivan received his Master degree in Applied Physics at Technical University of Munich and performed a computer modelling of quantum effects in Geneva.

    He graduated with honors. 16 years of practical experience in the field of commercial law: support of transactions, tax planning, intellectual property rights, media law, judicial protection, etc.

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