ETL development

18 May – 12 June 16:00 – 21:00

Online: 20000 uah (10 Seats)

Offline: 25000 uah (15 Seats)

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ETL development course

This course covers ETL development. During the course you are going to gain knowledge and practical experience in working with datasets formations and transformations.

After the course you will be able to:

  • Understand relational data structures;
  • Perform data processing;
  • Combine data from different sources in order to answer business questions;
  • Continue advanced studying in BI.
Course is going to be useful for anyone interested in data structures and data processing. This course doesn’t require any programming skills, it covers basic SQL queries that you are going to learn at the start. However for those who know SQL – it is going to be much easier.


1. Database concepts.

  • Databases and RDMS. PostgreSQL DB installation and quick overview
  • Database constraints, primary and foreign keys. One-to-many and many-to-many relations between tables.
  • Join operations, where clause and group by operator.  

2. ETL. What is ETL and what for it is being used.

  • ETL – Extract-Transform-Load. ETL vs ELT.
  • Overview of most popular ETL software.
  • Talend Data Integration tool.
  • Installation.
  • Basic UI features explanation.

3. Data mapping, Extraction, Conversion and Join operations.

  • What is data mapping? Input source to output destination mapping
  • Talend tDBInput, tDBOutput, tMap component usage
  • Expression filter and advanced tMap component features 

4. Talend advanced ETL workflow.

  • Orchestration components (tPreJob, tPostJob, tRunJob, tLoop, tFlowToIterate, tReplicate components)
  • Talend DB connection, context and generic schema usage.

5. Logging and scheduling.

  • Logging errors in ETL. Components for error logging in Talend
  • Building ETL job. Running ETL job outside of Talend Studio. Scheduling ETL job.


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Week fee

₴8335 /Week

A little math to properly allocate and save your money:

110 hours of classroom work are waiting for you at the price of 25 000 UAH.
So, you only pay 228 UAH per hour.
And this is a real price explosion.
And this offer is valid only in our training center.
Now it is reasonable to be not only cool, but also profitable!

Our instructors

Andrew Pushkar

Curriculum writer

Andrew is an experienced data analyst, ETL, BI developer with over 9 years hands on data transformation using ETL tools, like Microsoft BI stack, Talend, Birst, Snowflake, Tableau and others.
He has extensive knowledge in different areas of data analysis, processing for corporate usage.
In a free time, he likes riding a bicycle and spending time outdoors. He claims he’s a lifetime gamer.