DEVrepublik Alumni Employment

DEVrepublik, a full cycle IT learning center, helps companies find their best employees.

Now every employer is interested in finding a specialist who will meet their requirements. DEVrepublik curriculums are designed to be up-to-date with the requirements of the market. Besides our students not only develop hard skills, but also have workshops on soft skills development.

Data Science:

For 15 weeks of daily training they have mastered:
Modern Machine Learning Algorithms (Logistic Regression, GBM, Random Forest, XGBoost,
SVM, ANN, Clustering Algorithms)
Depending on the task, which of the algorithms to use and how to optimize its
Approaches to problem formation, data preparation, development and testing of
descriptive and predictive models
MySQL for extraction and primary processing.
Fundamentals of Python Programming and Development
Methods of data engineering
Applied statistics and basics of mathematical modeling.

Automation QA


Business Analysis


All graduates of DEVrepublik are professionals who love their profession and have knowledge worthy of a professional level.
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