We are here to create skills-based training suited for your company!
    Don’t hesitate to contact us once you have the need for corporate training.

    We offer:

    • Data Science courses: Python, Math and Data Collection
    • Machine Learning courses: Intro and Supervised Learning
    • Automation QA course
    • Data Science for Non-Technicals

    We also offer webinars to train specific skills for your team on Data Science, Business Strategy, Automation QA, and SAFe certification.

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    Three “YES” to convince you TRUST US your corporate education
    We need absolute experts in the industry. Do you have enough experience and expertise?
    Yes. We search for the best solutions and share industry insights in already 5 countries. Our lecturers have a lot of practical experience and would like to share their knowledge. Our partners are the prominent companies in FMCG, FinTech, Recruitment, and others. So, YES, we probably can say we have a clue of what we’re doing. Next question, please!
    We are looking for the program focused on us. Not kind of multi-purpose knowledge that we’ll not be able to use in our everyday practice. Can you do that for us?
    Yes. First, we study your exact needs, then we teach you. Each corporate education course is unique and suited to solve your and only your company’s tasks. Before every corporate training starts, our specialist examines your business in order to provide during training actionable feedback on your specific everyday challenges.
    We need result and we need it FAST. Can you “upgrade’ our team really quickly?
    Yes, but prepare your team that it won’t be easy and probably not all of them will survive. We understand, that any serious business needs fast solutions, that’s why education has to be intense. Though we also understand that quickly doesn’t always mean efficiently especially when you talk about education. That is why our corporate education programs are perfectly balanced to give maximum of effective knowledge in the period of time that normal person can comprehend.