Computer vision workshop

Date: 16 May 10:00-15:00

Fee: 500 UAH


You will learn how to build systems for recognizing objects in the photo. We will start with the introduction of computer vision, consider simple approaches and algorithms for computer vision. Then we will build a working object detection system.


• Introduction to computer vision

• Use cases and tasks

• Installing the necessary software

• Building an object detection system

problem statement

data search

data markup

model training

testing and evaluation

The target audience:

 People who have data science experience but are not familiar with computer vision yet. No prior knowledge of computer vision is needed.


After this workshop:

• you will know about the basic techniques in computer vision

• you will know how to prepare data

• you will be able to independently build a system for object detection tasks


Laptop with installed python version 3.6 and higher


Meretskiy Nikolay

Nikolay is one of the leading instructors at DEVrepublik.
He has 4 years of experience in Data Science and machine learning using algorithms for predictive modeling, data processing, image and video processing, as well as data mining for solving complex business problems.
Nikolay successfully applies machine learning methods in medicine, finance, agriculture, AR and many other areas.
In addition, he worked with a large number of popular technologies, such as: Python, TensorFlow, Scikit, Keras, SciPy.
Hobbies: Hiking.