Automation QA on JavaScript

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This course is about automatic software testing using JavaScript, Playwright, Cypress, Jest, mocha, Selenium WebDriver, Postman, and others for web applications.
Automated tests are crucial for cost reduction and quick release. This course will teach you how automated tests benefit business, the different types of tests you can create, and how they fit into broader business processes.

With the techniques you will learn from the course, you will be able to accelerate the pace of software delivery, improve quality and have the necessary skills to be a successful tester. You will learn the basics and practical application of JavaScript, CI/CD tools to speed up your tests and other test automation tools.

We have designed the course so that within 45 hours you will master all the necessary tools and be ready to work.
Register now and don’t waste time.

Although we are in Ukraine, we also have students from different countries, as the training will be in Ukrainian, Russian, English, and even Spanish, and all training materials are in English!

After the course you will learn:

  • Creation of test documentation (test case, bug report, test results)
  • Creating test scripts using test design techniques and best practices
  • QA work in teams with different methodologies
  • Knowledge of CI/CD, Docker, and information about using these technologies for better testing UI and API
  • Work with project documentation (requirements, mocks, user stories)
  • Basics of auto testing, framework structure, best practices for using selectors
  • The basic structure of npm package, how to use packages in test scripts for making more universal tests
  • Creating autotests using design patterns
  • Practices of writing test scripts in JS
  • Adding reporting and logging
  • Updating existing scripts
  • Basics of testing DB, UI, API parts
  • Using a testing framework (selenium, playwright, cypress)

Course Features

  • Lectures 15
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 5 week
  • Skill level intermediate
  • Language Ukrainian, Russian, English
  • Students 0
  • Assessments Yes


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