Data Scientist Profession

2 – 6 Decembers

Workshop program

5 days in a row, from 17:30 to 20:00 you will have the opportunity to:
– familiarize yourself with data analysis in more detail
– understand the difference between the scientific areas in Data Science
– get the answer to the question why Data Analyst and Data Scientist professions are so popular and in demand;
– organize your project for posting on GitHub
– try to clean, build, evaluate data, visualize models using Python

Day 1

– Reveal the relevance of Data Science specialists and throw light on their core business
– What is Data Science and which its components are the most interesting to customers
– What questions are most often asked at the positions of Data Analyst and Data Scientists

Day 2

– Introduction to Python
– Data organization and preprocessing
– Regression models: advantages and disadvantages

Day 3

– Analysis of linear models
– Logistic regression or how not to drown on the Titanic – Scoring models in the banking sector

Day 4

– Data visualization with Python
– Types of graphs and charts for better presentation of research results

Day 5

– GitHub – social network for IT people
– Report creation and project posting on GitHub

Iryna Lazarenko

One of the Lead Instructors at DEVrepublik boot camp and PhD in Mathematics
Iryna is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Mathematical Modeling for Economic Systems at the National Technical University of Ukraine Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. She is also a Scientist at the Laboratory for computer modelling and intelligent data analysis at the World Data Center for geoinformatics and sustainable development
Her research interests are Data Analysis, Data Mining, Operation Research, Optimal Control, Sustainable Development, Theory of Integral and Differential Equations.
She loves travelling a lot.